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Exeter Hypnotherapy Relaxation Recording

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To listen to this hypnotherapy session effectively, lie down somewhere quiet, close your eyes and let it wash over you. If you fall asleep that is fine. Don't concentrate on the words, just relax to it.
try to listen daily and your anxiety levels will reduce comfortably.

Download "HOW THE MIND WORKS re: anxiety and depression"


A helpful explanation of how our minds work in relation to anxiety.

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Mike Uttley is pleased to offer Life Coaching in Exeter with Poppy Wellby

Life Coaching in Exeter with Exeter Life Coach Poppy Wellby Personalised coaching focussed on enhancing success and well-being. I use an empathic and intuitive approach to help you maximise your contentment and achieve your goals.

Find out how Poppy can help you by visiting her website: www.poppywellby.com

Or get in touch with her to book an appointment:
Call Poppy on 07971 480059
Email: hello@poppywellby.com

as well as Bowen Therapy and Massage with Emily O'Connor

Exeter Massage and Bowen Therapy Bowen Therapy with Emily O'Connor.

Find out how Emily can help you by visiting her page: www.exeterhypnotherapy.com/exeter_bowen_therapy.php

Or get in touch with her to book an appointment:
Call Emily on 07773 406787
Email: oconnor.em@googlemail.com