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Exeter Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis Testimonials

Exeter Hypnotherapy Testimonials

Fear of Flying

Thank you so much for all your help. I flew without being sedated or crying and it was a great experience! Honestly, you have changed my life. I was sceptical about hypnotherapy but it definitely works. Tanya


Hi Mike,
My misses would like to make an afternoon appointment for one day next week, to stop her drinking. She would like the consultation and the treatment in one go please. You treated me last year, 17/05/2017, for the same thing, and I have now been 33 weeks, to the day, without a drink 😊 Kind regards, D.

Wedding nerves

Hi Mike,
As promised to let you know how it all went!
It was an unbelievably brilliant day and the speech went fantastically. I felt nervous about the actual wedding, but the speech was absolutely fine. In fact I really enjoyed it, and was able to be quite natural. I felt like I got some of my old acting confidence back and was quite thrilled by it all, so much so that by the end of the night I may have over done it on the Jaegermesiter shots!
Thanks for your help, and support which certainly gave me a lift. I've attached a few pictures (we've not had the photographer's ones back yet, but just in case you're interested to see!).
All the best, D. Exeter

Sea sickness

I went to see Mike to see if he could help me with sea sickness. I am a very keen diver but boats have always been troublesome for me and I have often had to suffer being sick along with enjoying my dive!

A friend had had hypnotherapy and she had not suffered sea sickness since then so I figured it was worth a go, though I wasn't sure if it would help.

Mike is an extremely calm and professional person, he listens well and was sensitive to what ever I said, We had three sessions and each time I was taken through a series of questions which in themselves had me reflect on what I was creating and how I was relating to my life.

The hypnotherapy itself is straightforward and Mike used what I had told him to take me on a journey through his words. I have to say I don't know how it works but it appears it does! I went off to spend a week on board a boat for a diving trip abroad and despite some heavy seas I was not sick at all - others were. I didn't really think about it, whereas before it would have been at the forefront of my mind. Something has definitely changed even if I don't understand entirely how!

Many thanks Mike for your help! Sue. Exeter.

Anxiety and IBS

Hi Mike,
I hope you are well?

I came to see you earlier this year with problems with Anxiety and IBS. I was especially nervous about my wedding day and becoming ill with IBS because of my nerves.

I have to say, that the days running up to the wedding and the day itself I've never felt so calm and in control. It was quite a bizarre feeling really - I'm so used to being worried and having a bad tummy it was really refreshing not to have that. Everyone else was really nervous, I was completely fine and feeling confident. I was a bit nervous in the church but I think that is to be expected really, but no symptoms of IBS at all. It really made the whole day more special, and I honestly can't thank you enough. C.G. Kingsteignton

Anxiety and depression

Thank you for what has been a life changing experience.
I am now a happier and better person. Let's meet up for a pint or a glass of wine some time. J.T. Tiverton

Depression and self esteem

Dear Mike,
I would like to say a very big thank you for all your help.
I feel so much better now and think differently after your very good advice. I feel I no longer need any more sessions with you as your good work is done.
I would highly recommend you to anyone in need.
Thanking you again.
Regards. D.W. Teignmouth

Depression, motivation and self esteem

I went to see Mike during the darkest period of my life, with feelings of worthlessness and worry sucking the enjoyment out of the things I used to love.
Having tried almost every other avenue, I came across hypnotherapy through a family friend. Despite initial skepticism I decided to give it a try and I am so thankful that I did.

Mike was totally understanding of my situation and from the very first session I could feel the seeds of change being planted for the better.
His sessions bought me a new-found happiness and confidence which enabled me to complete my university studies. Without his help I would have dropped out and would not be in the position I am now.
I owe him a lot! J.W.T. July 2013

Well done J on getting a 2:1!

Chocolate addiction and weight loss

I have visited Mike twice - the first time to help me with my chocolate addiction and the second time, a month later, to help me lose weight. Since my first visit, 8 weeks ago, I haven't had the need to eat chocolate at all (amazing because I was eating several bars daily!) and I have lost half a stone! My confidence has improved greatly.

Mike's approach is quietly relaxing and has made the whole process very enjoyable. I am very impressed and have already passed his name on to several people. Many thanks! R.N. Crediton.

Anxiety, OCD, emetophobia and IBS

Hi Mike,
I just wanted to say a big thank you.When I came to see you 5 weeks ago I had so many issues, (emetophobia was a major one. IBS, OCD and anxiety) wow!!!
What can I say, I feel like my former self with a clean brain.
I owe so much to you for helping me. I love life now and live in the moment without any troubles.
I will keep in touch, and once again Thank you. C.P. Exmouth.

Mike makes Lugol's Iodine too!