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Exeter Hypnotherapy for Children

Children and Hypnotherapy.

Children often respond well to hypnotherapy as they have very fertile imaginations which is how we connect to our subconscious mind most effectively. The youngest child I have worked with was 6 years old. They generally respond differently from adults in that they don't always sit or lie still and don't necessarily appear to go into trance in the same way as adults do - the younger ones often move around or wriggle quite a lot but this does not mean they are not good subjects for hypnosis

I have helped children with separation anxiety, social anxiety, low self esteem and lack of confidence as well as eneuresis (bedwetting) and school anxieties - for many children school is a daunting experience.

If you feel that I may be of help to your child, Please call or email me now. 07960 778605 or 01392 555450

Helping your Child with Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis With appropriate hypnotherapy.

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