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Exeter Hypnotherapist Mike Uttley. HPD. DHP. MNCH. CNHC.

Exeter Hypnotherapy for Fear of Flying

Fear of flying is a miserable experience when you know that you have a holday or a business trip planned for a few months time. Even just thinking about the impending journey can bring about feelings of anxiety & stress.

Exeter hypnotherapy for fear of flying really can help!
The treatment usually only requires three sessions to make a wonderful difference to your holiday. Imagine what it will feel like to be free of those anxious feelings that arise when thinking ahead to your holiday.

Fear of Flying (or Disambiguation as it is less commonly known!) may be a phobia in itself or it could be a combination of other phobias such as claustrophobia (a fear of enclosed spaces), acrophobia (a fear of heights) or agorophobia (where the sufferer becomes anxious in uncontrollable environments such as open spaces). Whatever its made up of it is an unpleasant and restricting phobic response which can be helped by hypnotherapy

Let Hypnotherapist Mike Uttley at Exeter Hypnotherapy for fear of flying help your life take off with professional hypnosis at his clinics in Exeter or Teignmouth, Devon.

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