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Exeter Hypnotherapy for Insomnia - Sleeplessness Hypnosis

Do you have trouble falling asleep. Do you lie in bed feeling exhausted and worn out but are unable to drift off to sleep. You may not be surprised to know that up to a third of us experience this difficulty.

Exeter Hypnotherapy for insomnia helps you to sleep at night

If you spend hours during the night wondering how on earth you will get to sleep lying there wide awake and stressed. You more than likely get up in the morning feeling so tired that you struggle to get through the day and feel unable to concentrate at work.

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Symptoms of insomnia

Symptoms will differ depending on individual circumstances, but may include the following:

Mike Uttley's Hypnotherapy for Insomnia can help you get a peaceful nights sleep

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Insomnia Hypnosis in Exeter with Mike Uttley

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