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Exeter and Teignmouth Hypnotherapist Mike Uttley

Hypnotherapy unknowingly began for me way back in 1970 when I was riding my Ariel Leader motor bike through Plymouth on my way to join a new ship. I joined the Royal Navy at 15 years old in 1967 and had spent the previous two years on an aircraft carrier with 2,500 others. After two weeks leave it was time for my next nautical adventure, a stint on an engineering workshop ship called HMS Tyne that was moored permanently in Devonport dockyard.

I never made it. That morning at 7 O'clock I hit a car in Union Street! Famous for its bars and clubs it was a familiar haunt of mine. This time however I saw it from a different perspective. I was scraped up from the road and ferried off to the Naval Hospital a few streets away. When I regained consciousness I found out I had snapped my right arm in half - one end of it was poking out through my leather jacket. Two weeks later after trying to make me walk around the ward a few times they discovered I had broken my neck in two places and my back in two places as well. My falling down gave them a clue!

A year later I was discharged from the hospital and the Royal Navy as unfit for service with a paralysed right hand. I carried that hand around with my other hand like a mother would nurse a baby, all the while trying to adjust to my newfound life as a 'civilian'. 19 years old and so used to being told what to do, the freedom and responsibility for myself came as a big shock to me.

I began to sink. I became depressed and anxious, panic attacks were frequent. My doctor precribed Valium and then Librium. Well I soon decided that they were not the solution. I found a hypnotherapist and began the process of getting well again. I am pleased to say that it worked for me and that it is the reason I do what I do today!

Come along and meet me but remember, I shake hands with my left hand!

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