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Exeter Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

As a Type 2 diabetic (late onset) this is an area of interest to me. I lost 42 pounds in weight and have not put it back on. I am now slim and I will never allow myself to go back to the weight I was. I changed the way I thought about food and so can you. With the help of hypnotherapy you can lose the weight you want to lose. Hypnosis for weight loss is an enjoyable way to slim and get back to the shape you want to be.

The Exeter Hypnotherapist for weight loss

How Mike Uttley used self hypnosis to lose weight!

My road to losing weight was influenced by my diabetes and the effect that carbohydrate had on my blood sugar levels. I did a lot of research into the subject and very quickly came to realise that eating a low carbohydrate diet was a very effective way of keeping my blood sugar levels within an acceptable range. I kept on telling myself this. Self hypnosis in a way, as what we tell ourselves each day really does affect how we live our lives! A very good side affect of this was that my weight quickly reduced. For me this was a comfortable and enjoyable way of getting back to a healthy weight whilst allowing me to still enjoy many of the things I used to like, albeit in a slightly moderated way.

Exeter Weight Loss Hypnosis - The Power of Hypnosis for losing weight?

The role that carbohydrates play in our diets is far more devastating to our health than the supposed killers - animal fats, butter, cream cheese eggs and milk. You only need to spend a few minutes in a supermarket to see who benefits from the huge rise in the sale of carbohydrates. It certainly won't be you! Big business wants you to eat carbs and they will do their utmost to convince you that carbohydrates are good for you because they are 'low in fat'. That really is the power of hypnosis at work in a way that helps them get rich and you get fat! It is also untrue! Exeter Weight Loss Hypnotherapist Mike Uttley can help change your mind in a way that encourages you to eat healthily

How can Exeter Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss Help me lose weight?

The most common cause of being overweight relates to the individual's attitude to food - it's not just a matter of choice but also a matter of conditioning laid down in childhood and throughout life. Your attitude to food and eating is the most important means of losing weight and that is where hypnotherapy for losing weight comes in. Under hypnosis the subconscious mind can be allowed and encouraged to form fresh perspectives on how, what, when and where you eat. It's not so difficult once your subconscious mind better understands the role of food in your life and how you can take control of your eating habits.
With Exeter hypnotherapy for weight loss, old childhood behaviour patterns are updated so that food is not used for comfort at times of stress, making the task of your losing weight so much easier. You gain control over your eating habits as your shape changes to a more healthy you.

What can I expect from Exeter Weight Loss Hypnosis?

When you come to meet me we talk about your hopes and aspirations regarding your current weight and the target weight you want to reach. We also discuss how determined you are to lose the weight and what steps you are already taking, what difficulties you are encountering and what success you have already experienced as well as what you need to do to begin the journey to a slimmer you.

Let me be your Exeter Weight Loss Hypnotherapist!

I have never met anyone who is overweight that can honestly say they don't want to lose that weight. I did lose weight and it was not at all difficult. If I can do it then I am sure that I can help you lose weight with hypnotherapy.

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