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Do you need help with depression? Most of us do on occasions. I know that I did. I can help you to move forwards from depression and enjoy your life again!

For comfortable, friendly and effective help with your depression, call Exeter Hypnotherapist Mike Uttley on 01392 555450. Don't waste another day to depression, contact Exeter hypnotherapy for depression hypnosis in Exeter now

What is Depression? Depression is perhaps the most common psychological disorder today - a significant factor in the break up of relationships, career problems and lack of motivation.

Often, when it occurs, you turn in on yourself and refuse to engage with others.

Severity can range from being almost totally dysfunctional to having some of the symptoms associated with the illness ... depressed mood and sometimes fearfulness • sleep disturbance • anxiety, stress & panic attacks • loss of energy and/or appetite • loss of pleasure or interest in usualactivities • difficulties in thinking or concentrating. If you have any of these symptoms and feel that I can help you. Please call or email me now. 07960 778605 or 01392 555450

Treating your Depression with Mike at Exeter Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis With appropriate hypnotherapy, depression is one of the most treatable disorders, it has a dramatically lower rate of relapse than with anti-depressants and is now considered the most effective treatment, even in severe cases enabling you to focus on solving problems and engage fully in life again.

Exeter hypnotherapy for depression hypnosis in Exeter really will help you!

More about depression...
There are various forms of depression, ranging from mild depression where your spirits are very low and you find it difficult to engage fully with life, to
the more severe clinical depression where your thoughts may be suicidal and you lose the will to live.
This is also known as major depression

Other specific forms of Depression include
Seasonal depression or seasonal affective disorder
(SAD) where you become depressed during the autumn and winter months when the skies are grey and overcast.

Sufferers of depression can experience some of the following symptoms:

Exeter hypnotherapy for depression hypnosis in Exeter
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Exeter Hypnotherapy for depression also has a clinic in Teignmouth, Devon.

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