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Your panic attacks are no doubt very frightening, often causing you immense distress and encouraging you to avoid situations where you have previously experienced them. Panic attacks are the result of heightened anxiety. They occur when your Limbic System or 'Primitive Emotional Mind' receives information encouraging it to step in to to help you, believing your life to be in a crisis. The part known as the amygdala is invloved in this process and when you receive the signal advising you to react with anxiety, adrenaline is released in your adrenal glands. This can result in the 'fear, freeze, fight or flight' response. In certain circumstances this response would be appropriate but in the case of a panic attack it is not. Panic attacks often arise in normal, daily situations or places like supermarkets, on public transport, shops crowded places and so on. Intellectually though, you know that these places are safe and there is no need for you to feel threatened in any way. If you suffer from Panic Attacks you may experience some of the following symptoms:

Panic attacks are becoming more commonplace these days as the pressures of life build up.They almost feed upon themselves with the fear of having a panic attack actually causing one to occur.

Exeter Hypnotherapist Mike Uttley can help you to overcome your panic attacks.

How can hypnotherapy help?

Hypnotherapy can break the cycle of behaviour, replacing those fearful, apprehensive ways of thinking with new, healthier thought patterns that don't automatically assume a panic attack will happen just because it has in the past. By finding out what triggers your panic attacks we can work together to remove those old associations and create more helpful responses where the panic attacks do not arise. Contact Exeter hypnotherapy now to stop your panic attacks

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